Hello loves!

There is so much to know when it comes to makeup brushes! Throughout the years I’ve collected so many brushes and have learned a thing or two. For starters, you don’t really need to spend a fortune on fancy brands. It’s all about what kind/size you use for each product. I promise that every brush linked on here will be extremely affordable.

So here we go!


Stippling brushes are a must!

Nothing irks me more than to see someone apply foundation on a beauty sponge. You’re wasting so much product if you do this! Not to mention the sponges get disgusting after a few months since they are constantly soaked. Let’s just say I haven’t picked up a beauty blender in ages. I’m not totally opposed to sponges because they can be great for concealer, but I’d much rather rely on a brush.

Stippling brushes work best for a streakless finish!

Here are the ones I use!

$3 are you kidding me? Not only is this super affordable but also works great to get the tougher areas around the nose and forehead because of its small size.

This Eco Tools brush is definitely the one I use the most! Although similar to the ELF brush, I prefer this one because it’s so much softer. The brand can be found at Ulta or at Tj Maxx occasionally.

Because this one is a little bigger than the other two mentioned, it is the one I look for when I’m in a rush. It blends out everything in about 10-12 seconds!


A brush like this will guarantee full use of the product (unlike a beauty sponge!)


The pointed/tapered Morphe M430 is perfect for under eye setting products! I love to use this with Laura Mercier’s translucent powder (baking purposes) or for setting powders in contour palettes (Kat Von D is my fave!)

Although I rarely pick this up, it’s a great tool to accentuate a contoured look! I use this Morphe M458 by applying a little bit of translucent powder to carve out the darker contour shades


This is always a three-step process for me! I begin by first applying a dark contour shade with this flat brush (dupe for the NARS ita) to get the perfect amount needed

Next, I blend out the product and add more (if needed) with this round-ended Morphe M437


And finally, I finish off by adding bronzer and blending it all together with a big fluffy brush like this!


On those rare days when I skip foundation, I’ll stick to pressed powder and use this ELF powder brush. This is probably the oldest brush in my entire collection! It’s been through so many pressed powders and still works like a charm!


Blush brushes are one of the easiest to find! The angled end is the perfect fit for the apples of your cheeks!


For a dramatic highlight I always pick up the Morphe M501. It blends like a dream and picks up product so well! (This is my favorite brush of all time!)

For my gals who love a more subtle natural-looking highlight, a fan brush is best to use because it won’t pick up as much product as the M501.

If you’re totally opposed to buying individual brushes, here are some of my favorite brush sets I’ve used!


Foundation, blush and concealer brushes! This set is super affordable and works so well!

Not the best quality but highly recommended for anyone recently getting into makeup!

Disclaimer: some of the brushes are rough! I use the eye brushes only! 

I hope this post gives you a little more info on what brushes to use & let me know if you’d like me to write another post dedicated to eye brushes only!