Self-Tanning Guide

If you know me, you know I live for a good tan. I truly feel like a happier person when I’ve self-tanned!

I’ve decided to share with you four different self-tanning products that have either been my ride or die or have been categorized under not so great by me.


1.       St. Tropez: Definitely a favorite. I’ve gone through two whole bottles of this thing! Applied with a mitt, the product is a mousse like substance that’s fast and easy to apply. Of all the products I’ve used, St. Tropez for sure gives off the most natural looking tan. I’ve used the original shade and the darkest shade. They retail for $32-$44 depending on the size. I find that the self-tanner provides an olive skin look. The only thing I absolutely hate about this product is the lingering smell. Even after I’ve completely washed off the product, I cannot get rid of that scent. It’s not necessarily horrible, but it’s definitely not great. In other words, I use a strong perfume when using this product to block it out. Besides that small problem, I really like this product overall because of the end result. The tan itself lasts for about a week and a half and will get darker depending how much of the product you build up. If I had to rate St. Tropez, I’d give it 4 stars!

[Side note: You may get lucky and find some of their products for less than half off at Tj-maxx!]


2.       Sun Kissed Rapid Tan: Not so great. I came across this product at a drug store in Europe (sold in the U.S also). The first thing that caught my eye was that the bottle said ready in 60 minutes. The second thing that really got my attention was the price. Because it is a drug store product, it is extremely affordable. I was very hopeful, thinking that it would work like St. Tropez or other brands I had used. However, that was not the case. Like other self-tanners, it is a mousse that is applied with a mitt. As I applied the product, I was completely taken away by the amazing tropical scent. I really thought I had found my ride or die self-tanner. Eagerly waiting for it to settle on my skin, I found that nothing was really happening. After a full hour, I washed off the product to find that it had NO effect on me whatsoever. It was like I hadn’t even self-tanned! I used the shade medium which seemed best for my skin tone. This product was a huge disappointment because it did nothing for me. I truly think that having the product labeled “ready in 60 minutes” is extremely misleading. Sadly, I will probably never use this product again. Rating: 1 star!


loving tan.jpeg

3.        Loving Tan: My current obsession. Like the previous products mentioned, this too is a mousse applied with a mitt. Loving Tan is the product I use the most because it truly gives me the tan I want. They have a 2 hr express ($40) and the Deluxe Bronzing Mousse ($35). The one I wear is the deluxe bronzing mousse because I really don’t mind wearing it a little longer (and it was $5 cheaper.) Like St. Tropez, the tan lasts for about a week and a half. The application time is about 20 minutes and the product itself dries pretty quickly. The product can get a little streaky if you don’t take your time applying it well. This is not really a product that can be done in a rush. I’ve tried to self-tan quickly and have left my house the next morning with a streaky tan on my legs (not cute). The way to get the best end result is to take your time, build up product, and use a stippling brush (besides the mitt) to get the areas around your ankles and hands. The color that Loving Tan gives off is a burnt shade. Not burnt as in lobster-like, but more of a bronze color. Again, you can really build up the product to get the amount of dark you really want. I’ve definitely overdone it so be careful with how many layers you do. Now for the downside: It’s only sold online and has a slight scent. The scent is nowhere near St. Tropez (thank god!) but is still there. Their shipping is extremely fast and the site allows you to use your favorite beauty blogger’s code for free a mitt! Try “Jaclyn” or “Loz” at checkout. Rating: 4.5 stars!


4.       Sugar Baby Suntanned Sweeties Bronze Radiance: a must have! I love this because it is your typical “on the go” product. If you’re in a rush and have 0 time to self-tan, this is the product for you. It's a cream based formula that’s meant to enhance your skin color. It works wonders if you've already self-tanned. I’ve used this after I’ve washed off loving tan and it has left my skin completely radiant. Although you’re free to use it alone with no self-tan beforehand, it still leaves your skin glowing. It is drenched with shimmery extracts that add a little sparkle to your skin. You simply apply it wherever desired and you’re done! This is a one-day-only product because it comes off with water so apply it after you shower. I use my bare hands (no mitt) and a stippling brush to apply it. Downside: cheap-like scent (no surprise). Besides the smell, I love everything about this product because it’s quick, easy and makes a huge difference. If I had to use one word to describe my skin when I use this product, it’d be…. Beaming! The cream is affordable and sold online or at Tj-Maxx! (Found mine there for $8). Rating: 4.5 stars!


Note: If you plan to use Loving Tan or St. Tropez, I advise exfoliating before and applying at night right before bed. Both of their products are “leave on” for about 6-8 hours so it’s best to sleep with them on. Don’t worry about your sheets, the stains wash right off!