Major disclaimer that this is an opinionated post not meant to hurt or offend anyone but rather inform those who are curious about the brand. This post is based on thorough research and sources who will be kept anonymous.

I have never tried these products.

*Monat users/ambassadors are suddenly shocked and upset that I have the audacity to speak about such a brand without trying the products beforehand*

Well I did my research, and lots of it. The kind that the average person wouldn’t bother to do. Before I share some of my research, let’s start with the company’s marketing/selling tactic. Monat is the epitome of the “Herbal Life” trend on Instagram. It’s everywhere and it won’t stop.

The amount of DM’s I receive is just ridiculous on another level. Without having tried the product, the constant messages made me turn away from the brand because it is the same message over and over again.

When I say ridiculous…I mean ridiculous. Every single message from these ambassadors is the SAME. They compliment me/my page and then state that they’d love to share what they do for $$ or want to offer me an amazing opportunity; however, these ambassadors fail to mention that you need to pay $299 worth of products firsthand. Don’t waste my time.

When I first began receiving these messages, I thought it’d be a fun collaboration in which I ended up being totally wrong. If you are doing a collaboration you should not be paying for the products. I was immediately turned away by the fact that these people seriously expect us to be okay with paying so much money for a beauty brand that is not only unheard of, but not sold in stores.

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Anyway, here are a few messages I’ve received:

Those who have messaged me have been nothing but kind and I really have nothing against anyone who sells or uses Monat. My issue is that it is extremely obnoxious to the point where I no longer want to open direct messages. Again this is an opinionated post, but the company seriously has to think of a better way to market and sell its products because it’s been done before. Does Avon or Mary Kay ring a bell?

Let’s move on to the products. Here’s Monat’s mission statement word for word:

“It is our mission to help people everywhere enjoy beautiful, healthy, fulfilling lives through our exceptional, naturally based products, a fun and rewarding business opportunity, and a culture of family, service, and gratitude.”

“Healthy” but certainly not FDA approved. Products include ingredients associated with contact allergy— Cocamidopropyl Betaine and Benzyl Alcohol. Typical symptoms include redness, swelling, itching, and fluid-filled blisters, which are more severe symptoms than the symptoms of irritation.


Now what kills me the most is the before and after pictures.

Are you kidding me? The fact that the brand goes out of its way to insult our intelligence is beyond me. It is OBVIOUS that the hair in the “after” photos has heat applied to it and the “before” photos do not. Does the brand expect us to believe that the women’s hair looks like that without heat application? Noted.

*photos above were taken from the Monat Website*

The reviews I’ve read are extremely mixed. I’m not totally bashing on the company and will say that a lot of people have truly had an amazing experience. I’ll even share some positive messages that were sent my way.

Now some of the negative comments have been either hair loss (WTF) or no difference in hair at all.

The brand’s “detox” phase is one in which many (but not all) experience symptoms such as hair loss or greasiness. Basically: it has to get worse before it gets better.

There are no warning labels on these products.

Again being opinion based, I completely disagree with this concept. If products are really “natural” and “healthy” the outcome should not be hair loss. How is this even okay? Sure not everyone experiences negative symptoms, but if there is even the slight chance I may experience possible balding……count me out!

Where I’m getting at with this post is that our generation truly sucks. Millennials (myself included) are hypnotized through social media and hop on any bandwagon just to be “on trend.”

For those who have truly had an amazing experience with these products, my goal is not to be a bully or hurt your sales, but rather showcase that the brand is just a risk I am not willing to take.

note: women have been sued for sharing their thoughts on Monat which only makes me dislike the brand even more. Has this company forgotten what freedom of speech means?

Here’s a detailed video that inspired me to share my thoughts.

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