If you know me, you happen to know that I obsess over a matte lip (so not a fan of gloss!)

I’ve tried countless brands and have rounded up my top faves.

From color selection to formula, here are my top picks!

Note: I am the pickiest person when it comes to lip products and have tried over a dozen brands

*Click each brand name for a direct link to each prouduct*

1.       LAWLESS BEAUTY - $25

I love this brand because it’s completely natural – free of toxins! Annie Lawless, a huge inspo of mine, has come up with the cutest marketing strategy for her line. She uses “Natural AF” which stands for Natural, Always Free” to promote her products. Lawless has a great range of nude colors to choose from – all named by some of our favorite male celebs. The formula is so smooth it seriously doesn’t even feel like matte!  My favorite shade from the line is called “Brad” (Pitt, perhaps?) which is a mauve nude color

2.       MAC MATTE LIPSTICK - $18

My go-to “every day” lipstick is the shade “Velvet Teddy”. It’s not the most hydrating but is comfortable enough and lasts all day!


The best matte formula ever. I seriously can’t believe how good these lipsticks are! The formula is just complete perfection. The only downside is that the color selection is a little eccentric; the only two shades that work for me are “Lolita” and “Double Dare.”

Note that this is the one and only brand that doesn’t give me that “cracked lip” look


I feel like no one really knows how good this brand actually is! These liquid lippies have become my latest obsession and the color selection is my fave! The formula is VERY smooth and has a minty feel & smell. Because the formula is so hydrating, it is a little more wet compared to most liquid lipsticks and you should wait for the product to dry before applying a second coat. The shades I use are “Bombshell” and “Trophy Wife”


Another underrated product! I love these lipsticks because the colors are so vibrant and easy to wear. The formula is completely comfortable but does dry over time. My favorite shades are “Big Spender” and “Stepping Out”

And there ya have it! I am a huge believer that you really get what you pay for when it comes to lipsticks & these are totally worth it!