If you’re contemplating hopping on the lash bandwagon, I’m sure a few questions have already crossed your mind, such as:

-Will my real lashes fall off?

-How long do the lashes last?

-Are the extensions bad for you?

-Will they look too dramatic?

-Does it hurt?

Trust me when I say that I debated getting extensions for the longest time. I felt that I needed an excuse to get them and used my Europe trip to try them out.

Let me just say that they are a TOTAL game changer and I wish I would have gotten some sooner.

The trick is to get them done by a good/real lash technician. There are so many “lash technicians” these days that’s it’s hard to weed out the ones who actually know what they’re doing. So as always, stick with a technician or place recommended by a friend. A decent technician will make sure your natural lashes go unharmed.

a little bit about my experience…

I was totally freaking out before my first appointment and didn’t know what to expect. Little did I know it would be one of the most relaxing experiences ever. For a full hour you’re told to do nothing except close your eyes for a lash nap!

Throughout the process you seriously don’t feel a thing.

My biggest fear was that it’d be too dramatic (yes, even for me!) but my technician went very natural and I almost wish I would have come a little more prepared and shown her exactly what I wanted. I still fell completely in love with the lashes and they lasted a full three weeks.

My second appointment, I came a little more prepared and explained that I wanted a longer, fuller look and even brought pictures.

Overall, the lashes have made my life so much easier. I feel comfortable wearing only face makeup during the weekdays and saving the eye shadow for the weekends. Having extensions is a huge time saver — especially in the mornings.

Now for the maintenance…

If you’re going to get lash extensions… be aware that you can’t touch them and have to be really careful. I won’t even deny that I’m a total freak and barely get my face wet now. I typically use 2-3 makeup wipes and toner for makeup removal & avoid getting my face under a sink. The only time I get near the extensions is when I use a spooly brush or when I lightly rub around the area with a makeup wipe. The one thing to remember is to not rub your eyes. Rubbing your eyes will not only pull on the extensions but damage your natural lashes.

If you take care of the extensions properly, they should last up to 3 weeks!

so finally….should you get eye lash extensions? definitely yes!

If you’re in the Miami area, feel free to check out ilash and Skincare! My lash lady (who is totally bomb!) is in the Pinecrest area and is named Verushka.

There’s a groupon where you pay $53 your first time and $45 for refills which is seriously not a bad price. I know a ton of girls who pay a ridiculous amount of $200. No thanks!

You can call any of their locations (Pinecrest or Coral Gables) to book your appointment and the staff will apply the groupon discount for you automatically if you pay over the phone. Or just buy the groupon here for the Pinecrest location or here for the Coral Gables location.


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