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Okay seriously how amazing does Jaclyn look in that photo?

I've been itching for a new brush set and was so excited when Jaclyn/Morphe released this collection. 

The Master Collection retails for $165 but drops to $148 if you use a beauty influencer discount code. (I typically use "jacattack" or "mannymua").

$165 is extremely overpriced but hey, go big or go home right? For my babes on a budget, there's always the option of purchasing the face set alone for $58, eyes set for $42 or the individual brushes; however, the Master Collection features a few brushes that the smaller sets do not include

For this review I'll highlight a few of my favorite and not so favorite brushes from the entire collection. Feel free to click each image for a direct link 



The JH05/Perfect Contour Brush is literally everything. I've tried dozens of contour brushes and none of them have worked as amazing as this one. The JH05 is the perfect size if you're looking to carve out those cheek bones!


I typically use a hard stippling brush and found that the JH03/Ride-or-Die Foundation brush was really fluffy and soaked up a lot of my product. I won’t lie, I totally hated this brush at first. But after giving it a few tries, I realized that it actually works great with foundations that are a little heavier. It prevents a cakey look and leaves a natural finish! I’ve been using this every single day with my current fave foundation — Stila All Day foundation


I was immediately turned off by the weird shape of the JH02/Bronzer Brush. But to my surprise, it blends like a dream! It works so well with my MAC Give me Sun bronzer and now I can't think of another brush I'd want to use!

The definition of perfection is the JH08/Anything Creamy Brush. OMG am I obsessed with this. You can forget your beauty blender or average brush because it doesn't get any better than this. It's fluffy enough to blend a good amount of product but not too fluffy that it soaks up all your concealer. 

I've recently gotten into eyelash extensions and I'm suddenly a huge freak when it comes to applying makeup near my eyes. Luckily, I've found the perfect brush that allows me to apply product carefully.

The JH09/Glow Baby Glow Brush is pretty much the same thing as the Morphe M501 -- only a little longer in shape. I've used the M501 for years because it truly picks up highlight so well! I highly recommend getting either brush if you're looking for that blinding kinda glow

If you use any kind of translucent powder the JH07/Under Eye Powder Brush will be your BFF. So amazing.

The prettiest brush in the entire collection! The JH01/Powder Brush is perfect for pressed/face powders. I'll be using this to apply my favorite Bare Minerals Loose Powder foundation.

The Master Collection brings a ton blending eye brushes which I very much appreciate. I won't go into detail because they simply are not that exciting to talk about. However, if you're looking to buy individual eye brushes I recommend the JH34, JH35, JH37 and the JH40 

Final verdict: I would’t recommend the Master Collection for those who are beginners in makeup. The average person will get a little overwhelmed with how many types of brushes the set includes. For the not-so-beginners, I highly suggest splurging on a collection like this. If you typically do a full face and understand how to use different eye brushes, this collection will blow your mind. It literally brings every single brush you could ever need.

Mixed feelings? Check out Jaclyn's video below where she goes in detail and explains each brush & be sure to catch my review on her latest Vault collection here

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