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So at this point you should already know that I’m quickly becoming a “clean beauty” freak. That doesn’t mean I’m about to trash half my beauty cabinet, but I like to educate myself on several terms.

Most of us see shampoo labeled “Free of Sulfate and Paraben” but fail to acknowledge what that even means. Myself included. I seriously had no idea what the hell those two meant until now.

I did the research so you won’t have to.

Sulfates are aggressive detergents made of sulfur-containing mineral salts that make a product’s consistency thick.

What it does:

They are surfactants, meaning they attract both water and oil. One end of the molecule clings to oily dirt while the other clings to water. basically: they lift grease/oil from hair or skin and dissolve into a consistency rinsed down the drain.

Why Sulfate is bad:

I’m not about to bore you with scientist-y terms so here’s the tea:

Sulfate drys your scalp, causes frizz , leads to flyaways, causes irritation, makes your hair take longer to dry, thins out your hair and can lead to hair loss.

The “oil lifting” is just too aggressive. It removes protective oils that your scalp needs. Without these substances, our scalps are stripped from moisture leading to complete dryness. Not to mention, dry scalps are more exposed to allergens, infection and other stuff.

Now, Parabens.

What it does:

It prevents growth of bacteria and fungus in shampoos — preserving shelf life.

Why Parabens are bad:

This sounds crazy but, Parabens can disrupt hormone function. I say crazy because before researching, I would have never guessed that my shampoo and hormones could somehow correlate.

Also want to mention that Parabens can be related to breast cancer. Honestly freaking out as I type this. All this information is coming from other sources and it’s not like I woke up knowing about these terms. I’m not saying that if you use shampoos with Parabens it’ll lead to cancer. I mean, who am I to say that? But if something is toxic, it’s toxic.

Parabens have also been linked to several skin conditions such as rosacea, dermatitis, and can cause allergic reactions.

It’s safe to say I’ll think twice about what hair care products I’m incorporating on the reg. Like I’ve said before, everything ends up in your bloodstream.


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