Hi Honeys!

It’s my first post of the year and I’m so excited to share my makeup routine with you guys. In previous posts I’ve mentioned how my routine is constantly changing so there is no specific one. But I’ve been loving these products lately and have been using the same ones for the past couple of months.

When thinking about products to use on a daily basis, I can’t stress how important it is to wear the amount you are truly comfortable with. Whether it’d be a natural look or full face, it all depends on your lifestyle and preference.

I go for a full face because my usual days are pretty long and I need my look to last from morning to night.

Note: I don’t use eye products on a regular basis because my lash extensions are enough

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Hi beauty lovers! It feels like forever since I’ve done a blog post (10 days & counting!) But I’m back and I’m so excited to share this post with you guys.

The difference between drugstore and high-end makeup can be HUGE. But there are some drugstore products that are seriously incredible.

I rarely go out of my way to find makeup at the drugstore because I typically prefer high-end. Once you’ve tried the better stuff you definitely won’t want to go back. Sorry!

But anyway, for this post I wanted to list some products that work just like those we find at Sephora. And more importantly, are cruelty-free!

*All products will be linked at the end*

Jordana — Best Lash Extreme Mascara


This mascara is one of the best drugstore products I’ve ever used and is only $2.99! Before I got eyelash extensions I reached for the Best Lash Extreme all the time.

Note: It’s a little watery so be careful when applying

Milani — Baked Blush 05 Luminoso

baked blush.jpg

I feel like Milani is just one of the nicer drug store brands. The baked blush in the shade Luminoso is seriously to die for. It is crazy pigmented and leaves a beautiful, rosy finish.

Pixie Beauty - Glow Cake


First of all, can we talk about the brand’s packaging? Pixi Beauty has the best drug store makeup packaging by far. If you’re not familiar with the brand you seriously need to take a trip to Target right away. For years I had been dying to try some of these products but never really did until now… and I’m in love. I’ve been using the Glow Cake in the Shade Pink Champagne Glow every single day and I’m truly obsessed. I don’t typically use it as a highlighter/illuminator but rather a blush intensifier. It just takes your entire makeup look to the next level.

E.L.F. — Liquid Liner


I’ve been using E.L.F’s liquid eyeliner for years and don’t plan on switching to another brand anytime soon. It’s easy to apply, lasts all day/night, doesn’t smudge and did I mention it’s only $2?

MILANI — XL Bronzer

xl bronzer.jpeg

The best thing about this bronzer is the XL size! Not even kidding when I say I still have mine from 5 years ago. This works great for an all over bronzed look (don’t confuse “all over bronzers” with contouring products. it’s not the same).

Makeup Revolution — Vivid Shimmer Brick in Radiant

shimmer brick.jpg

This product looks just like the Bobbi Brown shimmer brick, but I actually like this one better! Finding a good drugstore highlight is almost impossible but I am so impressed with this one. I love using the last 3 colors on the brick for a really dark glow.

Makeup Revolution —  Ultra Blush Palette Hot Spice


I’m a sucker for face palettes! Especially if they’re as pigmented as these colors.

L.A. Girl Pro Concealer


It’s not my usual Shape Tape concealer but it will do! It’s super creamy and crease-resistant.

And that sums it up! I will say that I’m a little disappointed with how little cruelty-free options there are. Brands like L’Oreal and Maybelline have amazing products but still continue to test on animals. So maybe..paying for high-end brands is worth it in the end (they have a lot more cruelty-free options)

What are some of your favorite drugstore makeup products? I’d love to try them out!


XOXO (1).jpg


If you know me, you happen to know that I obsess over a matte lip (so not a fan of gloss!)

I’ve tried countless brands and have rounded up my top faves.

From color selection to formula, here are my top picks!

Note: I am the pickiest person when it comes to lip products and have tried over a dozen brands

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1.       LAWLESS BEAUTY - $25

I love this brand because it’s completely natural – free of toxins! Annie Lawless, a huge inspo of mine, has come up with the cutest marketing strategy for her line. She uses “Natural AF” which stands for Natural, Always Free” to promote her products. Lawless has a great range of nude colors to choose from – all named by some of our favorite male celebs. The formula is so smooth it seriously doesn’t even feel like matte!  My favorite shade from the line is called “Brad” (Pitt, perhaps?) which is a mauve nude color

2.       MAC MATTE LIPSTICK - $18

My go-to “every day” lipstick is the shade “Velvet Teddy”. It’s not the most hydrating but is comfortable enough and lasts all day!


The best matte formula ever. I seriously can’t believe how good these lipsticks are! The formula is just complete perfection. The only downside is that the color selection is a little eccentric; the only two shades that work for me are “Lolita” and “Double Dare.”

Note that this is the one and only brand that doesn’t give me that “cracked lip” look


I feel like no one really knows how good this brand actually is! These liquid lippies have become my latest obsession and the color selection is my fave! The formula is VERY smooth and has a minty feel & smell. Because the formula is so hydrating, it is a little more wet compared to most liquid lipsticks and you should wait for the product to dry before applying a second coat. The shades I use are “Bombshell” and “Trophy Wife”


Another underrated product! I love these lipsticks because the colors are so vibrant and easy to wear. The formula is completely comfortable but does dry over time. My favorite shades are “Big Spender” and “Stepping Out”

And there ya have it! I am a huge believer that you really get what you pay for when it comes to lipsticks & these are totally worth it!