Heidi Klum once said, “In fashion, one day you’re in and the next you’re out.”

Harsh but (slightly) true.

In the fashion world, styles come and go; however, maybe Heidi wasn't totally right. There’s been a major comeback from styles that were trending back in the 90s and I suddenly wish I’d kept some of my old clothes from years back (like they’d still fit right?)

Denim skirts.

These are majorly trending right now! They’re currently sold out in so many stores it’s almost impossible to get your hands on the perfect one. I think the timing is just about right! They’re perfect for fall because you can pair them with sweaters + booties, or cute tees!


“Mom jeans.”

I’ve been wearing these from American Eagle nonstop! I love a loose/slouchy look. They’re perfect to pair with crop tops since they’re high-rise and you can literally wear these with any shoe. I’ve rocked these with adidas, slip on loafers and booties!

Jean jackets! (yes, another denim item)

Denim jackets have been trending yet again for over a year now. Because it’s so hot in Miami, I don’t reach over these often but have already mentally planned so many outfits for the upcoming cooler days. They have such a way of transforming any outfit from plain to trendy! Here’s one I recently got!

Slip on sneakers.

The checkered Vans that so many people have been wearing once again. I remember owning these as a 13-year-old with a completely different style. I’m no longer a fan of these so I'll probably skip wearing them this season; however, I’m a huge fan of the slip-on sneaker concept! I own a leopard print pair from Steve Madden that look great with an all-black outfit.



Cue that Destiny’s Child music video please!

The material has been seen in so many sandals lately!

Small backpacks.

These never really went out of style but I’ve definitely been wearing them so much more! I found this Peace Love World bag at Marshalls (such a steal!)


Stay Trendy!