If I’m not repeatedly watching The Office every week, I’m most likely binge watching a new series I randomly stumbled upon.

My taste in TV shows is pretty scattered as I usually enjoy anything from thrillers, humor, horror, drama…you name it.

Here’s 5 must-see Netflix shows you probably haven’t watched.

1.    DR. FOSTER

I seriously couldn't stop watching this series because every episode just got better and better. Gemma Foster is a doctor who seems to “have it all” until she discovers her husband’s infidelity by finding a strand of blonde hair on his coat. The show unveils her desperation and craziness to seek revenge and understanding toward her husband. It was almost frustrating to watch because her situation worsens by the minute. Overall, the British series is pretty dark but done very well. And let’s just say….payback’s a b*tch.


This two-part series shows life & death in a different way than what we know. A young girl discovers she’s able to travel different dimensions through death and is eventually captured by an obsessed scientist seeking to learn more about her traveling power. She’s encaged with other special beings who seem to have same ability as her and together they discover movements that allow them to escape into another dimension. She develops feelings for the man whose cage is right next to hers named Homer and the show takes a turn when OA (the main character) finds herself in a different dimension and will do anything to get back to her lover. The entire series shows death in a different perspective and I can’t stop thinking about how part 2 ends!



With humor, suspense & drama all in one, three moms rob their local grocery store to escape financial struggles. Their original plan is to obtain enough cash from the store to manage their finances and never have to rob again. Except…a large portion of the money they stole belongs to a gang and before they know it, it’s life or death for the trio. Making a deal with the devil means working as part of the gang in exchange for their safety. So binge-worthy!



Emily Osment is the star of Young & Hungry where she portrays Gabi, a young personal chef in love with her boss. She tends to meddle in everyone’s life & the show is overall hilarious. Each episode is only about 20 minutes and gives you that feel good sense that Friends does. If you watch this show you may recognize a few faces like Jesse McCartney, Ashley Tisdale and obviously Emily Osment.

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City girl + former New Yorker, Dr. Zoe Hart accepts an offer from her father to work in his medical practice in Alabama. She arrives and discovers he is deceased and has left her the entire practice. She must learn to adapt to a small town where she finds herself in a love affair. The series is simultaneously a romantic comedy and a show about the quirky antics of a fictional small town. Not to mention it has the best country soundtrack!

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