Can you believe it’s already March? I can’t seem to keep up nowadays!

Anyways, I wanted to share everything I carry in my “everyday” bag.

For starters, there are so many women who don't see the need in carrying a handbag at all. Kudos to them because I’ll never be able to leave my house without one.

I pack only the essentials. This means nothing unnecessary, nothing dumb. The last thing I’d ever want is to carry around a useless heavy bag.

My “Everyday” bag is the one I take for work, class, errands, etc.

My “Going out/Night time” bag is a completely different story…

But anyway, here’s everything!

1.       Monthly Planner: I’m crazy busy these days and need to write down everything. Appointments, tests, assignments, birthdays, events… it’s all there! It’s pretty much the only thing keeping me sane these days, which means I’m taking it with me! Here is the one I’ve been using.

Note: packing a pen or two wouldn’t hurt

2.       Umbrella: Miami weather? It’s unpredictable and I don’t wave my hair every day for no damn reason.

3.       Mario Badescu Face Spray: You’ll never know when you need a hydrating boost or mid-day pick-me-up

4.       Advil: self-explanatory. Headaches suck.  

5.       Nivea Smoothness Lip Care: Probably the closest makeup related thing in my bag. I refuse to pack any makeup at all because chances are….I’m already wearing some.

6.       Gum: an essential!

7.       Henri Bendel Key Chain Coin Purse: This is everything I need in a wallet. It’s small, has enough pockets (for me, at least) and allows me to cling on my car/house keys. Here is the one I use!

8.       Hand Sanitizer: Another obvious essential

9.       Ear phones: Can't go a day without listening to my Spotify playlist (obviously!)

10.   Phone Charger: I am a major iphone charger hoarder! “My phone died” is never an excuse I use

11.   Nature Valley: I always have a snack on me and these are just the easiest to grab!

Life question: do these ever expire?

And that pretty much sums up everything I carry around on a daily basis!

To keep everything in place,  I use a purse organizer for my Neverfull bag! Get one here

purse organizer.jpg