I totally ditched the shows this season and i’m not mad about it.

This was my third NYFW and I’ve come to the conclusion that Miami Swim Week is so more my thing.

Don’t get me wrong, I adore NY fashion week. How I’m invited to these exclusive runway shows while having a small following is so unbelievable to me. Almost makes me feel like i’m doing something right. But when we got to the city, Adri and I decided that we wanted to actually enjoy NY for once and experience the touristy sh*t, boujee restaurants and nightlife.

NYFW is so high fashion and most of the looks you see on the runway are realisticallyunwearable.

Which is why I favor swim week over new york fashion week. The looks in swim week are trending swimsuits I could actually picture myself wearing. The NYFW looks are extravagant and obviously entertaining to look at, but just not my style.

Most of the runway shows in NY are at Spring Studios, Pier 59 or a hotel of some sort. I think my biggest issue this season was timing. I really wanted to experience Spring Studios for the first time because I had only been to Pier 59 the previous year. But the shows held at Spring Studios (the shows I got invites to at least) were held on a weekday and I was only in town Saturday-Sunday because of work. So for the third time, I was off to Pier 59 again. ugh.

I obviously didn’t ditch the entire nyfw experience because it was originally why we booked our flights in the first place. We had plans to attend a show from 5PM-9PM but then suddenly had this moment of “…should we just leave?” after being there for an hour.

There’s too much to do in New York City to spend your time stuck inside a venue all day.

So we ditched the rest of the shows and headed to three spots that I really want to talk about in this post.

Before I continue with the rest of my NY experience, I want to say that I don’t want to discourage anyone from NYFW because it truly is an amazing experience. I just had different priorities this time around. I can’t say I see myself attending next season (February) but never say never, am i right? but anyway, I did enjoy the hour I was there, in fact, I’ll share my favorite looks


So I mentioned we wanted to do toursity sh*t and it’s exactly what we did.

TOP OF THE ROCK ($38 General Admission)

I visited the Empire State Building years ago and wanted to try Top of the Rock this time and absolutely loved the skyline view. I read somewhere that the lines to get in were insane… but they totally weren’t. I would recommend getting there early morning (9-10AM?) because Adri and I really had to push through to get our photos. Speaking of photos, I saw some other blogger mention she arrived at the Brooklyn Bridge at 4AM to get her picture taken. Isn’t that insane? I am nowhere near as dedicated and don’t think I care that much about a picture to be up & running at four freakin’ AM. But I guess there’s a reason I don’t do this full-time.


CALLING ALL CHEESE ADDICTS. I don’t think anyone understands my obsession over cheese and I’m not even sure when it started (my obsession, that is). This restaurant is known for it’s raclette dishes and I can’t thank my best blogger pal Alina (From A to Z Miami) enough for recommending this place.

So you order your plate of food and they scrape melted cheese all over. Kind of like fondue? I’ll attach some photos from their website since I was too busy drooling to take my own. But this is seriously the best place I’ve ever been to and I haven’t stopped thinking about it since.



Grand Banks is an oyster bar on a boat and is probably the cutest little place I’ve ever seen. I had fallen in love with a similar place in Brooklyn called “Pilot” when I saw it on IG but our friends from NY recommend this place instead because it was much closer to where we were staying and is pretty much the exact same thing.

I’m not a fan of sea food so I really only went for the views, the wine, the photos (obvi), and the good company.


and last but not least, here’s the outfit I wore for that one hour I spent at the fashion show (Haaa!)



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